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Yes, the drug war is a political war

So go read this article on the imprisonment of a Canadian citizen selling pot seeds by mail order. Canada extradited him for something not illegal in Canada, which pisses me off too. (The argument would be that selling the seeds to US citizens brings US law into play, so it's not as bad as it might be. But it's sure as hell not good.)

Most importantly, read these quotes:
In a bellicose statement, [then-DEA head Karen Tandy] called the move against Emery "a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the marijuana legalization movement... Hundreds of thousands of dollars of Emery's illicit profits are known to have been channeled to marijuana legalization groups active in the United States and Canada," ... "Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on."
So the US is using the drug war to silence political opposition to that drug war. And they're admitting it. Can we get much more corrupt, here?
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