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more things that won't get investigated

Heavily-redacted papers have indicated for some time that the Bush administration's torture regime - which Mr. Obama refuses to investigate or allow to be investigated - conducted experiments on human subjects to improve torture methods. Such experimentation is, of course, quite illegal.

Physicians for Human Rights (SourceWatch report here) have released this white paper indicating that "Doctors, psychologists and other professionals... turned the detainees into research subjects," and "engaged in forms of human research and experimentation in violation of medical ethics and domestic and international law" (New York Times, which covers the report but continues the "enhanced interrogations" misnomer. The editorial is somewhat better).

Research included how to extend waterboarding sessions over much longer periods of time (some subjects were waterboarded dozens and even hundreds of times), methods to gauge susceptibility to severe pain, in order to see whether more torture methods could be applied simultaneously to greater effect, and research on how to extend sleep depravation without killing the torture subject.

Andrew Sullivan wants to know many things - where was the research conducted, by whom, and so on - but notes, "we will never find out from the Obama administration. They have been as diligent in protecting the government's record of torture as Bush and Cheney were. That kind of accountability and transparency is not change Obama ever believed in." Indeed. Glenn Greenwald notes that Mr. Obama is "not only protecting repugnant crimes and the criminals who committed them, but also ensuring that they will occur again... by so vigilantly protecting Bush crimes from investigation and refusing to apply the law, Obama significantly increases the chances that should he break the law... he, too, will be bestowed with imperial immunity for his actions. It's a never-ending, mutually beneficial agreement among Presidents and their parties to agree to place Presidents above the law."

Please remember to enjoy the effects of that power, Democrats, when the next Republican takes office.

I'd say someone should be asking Mr. Sullivan's questions, but, well, the DC press corps is too busy hanging out at parties with the friends whose exploits they pretend to cover, and making up reasons why this doesn't violate journalistic ethics.

These are the "good guys" now. Doesn't that just make you sick?
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