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Oh, I forgot to mention

I played an open mic tonight at Hopvine Pub on Capital Hill; damn that’s a little stage! But nice crowd; I had fun! I’ll probably do it again, maybe with more warning. (A dancer appeared to Stay Away again! <3 <3 <3 dancers!)

I also played the Soul Food Books open mic back on the 5th; they have archived video here; my bit starts 8:28ish in. Sadly, the levels weren’t very high this time, and you can hear instrument, but not much of vocals. These are the first recordings of “Where Are You (My Love)” and “Something’s Coming” – it’s kind of my habit to show up with new songs for Soul Food. When you see me reaching for a chord over and over again on Where Are You? It’s a modified G chord that has a difficult note five frets down. I made it up! It’s hard to play but I’ll get it eventually. ^_^

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