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Props needed!

I need some props for a video shoot next weekend! Help out here?

Most difficult but really useful: A smashable guitar. Seriously, one I can smash and that you don't want back. It should already be broken, or a smashable/rebuildable prop. Fake is best but real? Only as long as it's not playable or reparable. I got ethics issues with smashing a viable instrument. I don't care what kind of guitar it is.

Not as difficult:
  • Bullhorns and/or megaphones! Any kind. Five or six of 'em.
  • Very silly glam-rock/costuming materials - terrifying wigs, boas, feather capes, anything glittery and bright that can be thrown on for what is literally a two-second shot. Shouldn't look good. I have some but could use more. Particularly capes.
The latter pieces will be returned. Thanks!

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