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Okay yeah that's smashable

Today's shooting ... instructional. Again. But I got the shots I need, and I learned some things about lighting, and about not working with animals. (W.C. Fields was right about fucking prima donnas, I gotta tell you...) I got a bunch of establishing shots, a couple of static technical shots, and one reasonably dynamic still shot out on the log boom. And some things that'll make good outtakes for the blooper reel.

Meanwhile, propmaking is fun. I saved an unrepairable guitar from Mills Music Redmond's luthier, knocked out all the internal supports, glued the head back on (well enough to survive this, anyway; it wouldn't survive stringing) and glittered the crap out of it:


And Sunday we SMASHY SMASHY! But before that we have the Saturday location shooting. Lots to do. Anybody want to come help move a camera dolly?

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