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A brief post before I go to bed – I’ll post about it for real later – but the Dick Tracy Must Die version of “Outbirds” is up on Bandcamp. You can steam it off the official band site or directly off Bandcamp. It’s the first track off Sketchy Characters (which was, as you’ll recall, a work-in-progress CD, and I kind of think of it as almost a live-recording disc now) to make it onto Dick Tracy, so compare and contrast if you want to see how my ideas of engineering have evolved since January.

Also, I’m not posting a link, but sometimes – and I’ve talked about this – you put something down in a recording at night, particularly late at night, and you think it’s pretty fuckin’ awesome, but then you listen to it the next day and you’re all disappointed and are wondering what you were thinking. The bassline I recorded for Stars last night is exactly the opposite of that. I can’t believe I performed this. I’m not this good on bass, but apparently, for a few minutes last night, I was. Don’t ask me to do it again, I don’t know how it happened.

More on that later. Go listen to Outbirds, new and old. Hear what I’ve learned. What do you think?

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