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Hey, Easterners! Particularly you lot in Boston!

I suspect a lot of you would enjoy the Boston Strowlercon event, which is coming up awfully soon (Canadian Thanksgiving/Columbus day Weekend, October 8-10). I know a bunch of the people who have shows over the weekend and they're all worth your time, and I find the greater worldbuilding they're trying to do interesting, and not just because it's set in Cascadia. (...not that this doesn't help... XD ) I've seen some of the video from the smaller St. Louis event, and it looked like people were having a good time.

So if you're into maker/DIY culture, circus arts, music, things like that, go check out the Strowlers website, see what you think. [profile] s00j has been posting about it here (volunteers in particular) and here (setting mood) and probably other places I don't know about.

(Full disclosure: I've provided some advice and I know a bunch of these people. However, I am not appearing, and have no financial interest of any sort.)

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