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colour meme

The meme says: Comment and I'll give you a colour that I think represents you, and then you list ten things you like in that colour!

...but really the colours are going to have to be pretty random if I do it. That said, comment, and I'll give you a colour. batyatoon gave me orange. These aren't in any particular order...

The Orange Box, or, at least, part of it:

Stanley Kubrick movies, including this one:

Zombie safety cone hats at PAX:

Orange butterflies that look like monarch butterflies:


Fred and George:

Alec's old hair XD :

One of the few orange-flavoured things I adore:

It's not my favourite but this isn't bad, particularly if it's really hot out:

(orange juice is ok too, but actual oranges less so, and most orange-flavoured stuff? ew)

21 and 24:
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