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A bunch of people were talking about my handwriting over on Dreamwidth and Livejournal, which I found kind of amusing, so I started talking about developing handwritings and fonts during art school, and then the rest of the package that I included with the applications forms for Folklife. They needed all the forms filled out and a demo CD, but I figured getting a little attention wouldn’t hurt. I mean, I hadn’t planned on doing any sort of big graphics production, which is good ’cause this doesn’t rate that highly, but I do like what I threw together from things about the house:

Demo package in metallic black bubble envelope

What’s inside the package: audio CD with custom etching,
business card, personal thank-you note

Same, but from the back. (CD case backs are all the same.)
The wax blood drop on the envelope was an accident,
but I liked it so I kept it.

Closeup of the audio CD of songs

Envelope containing the thank you card.
(lol “Adjudicators.” But that’s my high-art brush handwriting, in metallic gel pen.)

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