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probably a good idea to read this, particularly US readers

Breaking Ranks: Dissent and the Military Professional. The military is trying how to figure out how to deal with the abdication by Congress of its role over military policy. The linked article talks about Bush administration ineptitude in Iraq, the Bush administration's unconstitutional and treaty-violating torture and habeas corpus orders, and so on - the author of this article has no illusions about these acts - but also deals with that dereliction of Constitutional duty, noting:
In a February 2010 article, Lieutenant Colonel Paul Yingling, USA, accused Congress of "all but abdicating many of its war powers."13 He is correct. In recent years, Congress has proven less than vigorous in carrying out its constitutional duties pertaining to the military, creating what is essentially a constitutional void.
The military seems to be talking to itself about how to fill that void.
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