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heading into mastering

As I posted… two weeks ago? all the songs for Dick Tracy Must Die are recorded and levelled. Now it’s time for the whole-album look-over – track order, touchup, any post-major-mixing fixes.

I’ve already posted a new track order on Bandcamp. (Click here to see the new track order.) I think I need a heavy hitter to start the album, and if that happens to be a live track, so be it. What do you think?

Touch-up is a mix of relatively large things (re-recording vocals on “Thought You Knew,” the first song I posted) and very small things (pulling out a couple of weird audience noices in “Something’s Coming,” the most recent track; boosting the level of the low organ a little in “Shout at the Desert”). Mastering… is a dark art I don’t entirely understand, but have kind of a vague grasp upon.

I’m looking at CD release in January, possibly at a certain local music convention. I showed up there a year ago with a quickly-made four-track demo; why not follow that up with the actual album? It has a pleasant symmetry.

Besides, nobody’s going to notice a thing I do in the middle of holidays anyway. XD

Oh, before I forget, you might enjoy this six-part article on the major labels’ propaganda attempts to discredit independent artists. Basically, they’re trying to preserve their gatekeeper role, because at this point, that’s all they’ve got. Shame almost everything they release bombs and their whole industry is set up around that. Oh well! DIE, WARNER BROTHERS, DIE! XD

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