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Two down…

A newly-time-synched “Thought You Knew” is ready to upload, but I’m holding off until tomorrow morning to do it, because I like to sleep on things. (ETA: New version now uploaded.) Playing the current (as I type this/June version) against the version I just exported side-by-side is a great way to learn the value of a properly timed basis track. I wish I’d really understood this the first time, re-editing this thing was much more work than doing it right the first time. (Of course, I already uploaded the newly re-levelled “Something’s Coming” live track, which was the first thing I went and patched up.

Remaining work: “Let me Help,” I have some ideas about improving the last verse that I want to try. It’s a much simpler song than most of the rest, so I’m not planning on doing a full timing-edit pass, tho’ I’ll take a look at the bass solo in the bridge just to see what might need to be done there. “Shout at the Desert,” some boost on the low organ. I kept going back and forth on how much should be in the mix originally; I made the less-is-more decision and, no, I was wrong – in this case, more is more.

Then it’ll be off to mastering. What do you think of the current track order, anyway?

Next up: Another Trad of the Week! I’m not sure what I’m going to record yet. Something with riotous intent, no doubt. Perhaps something about… rum. Remember, you get these as free downloads for signing up to the mailing list – Clickie! Sign up!

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