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Help my friend Shanti get her album recorded

Okay, so this isn’t strictly band related, but I’ve played with her so it counts: like me, my friend Shanti is working on her first album. Her music is completely unlike mine – where I’m doing elfmetal, punk, and RAEG, she’s doing laments, harmony, and bittersweetness.

She has some really talented people working with her, too. I’ve heard a bit of the rough cut from her first substantial studio session, recorded just last week, down in Oregon. It’s much better than anything you’ll find of hers online – even her own sample tracks, which were recorded months ago. She’s really brought it up a level.

Intrigued? Over here, you’ll find a Kickstarter project to get the next stages of her project funded. She’s hoping to have the album out by Easter. Go give it a look. I think she’ll make something good.

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