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And the winner of the ARC is…

…hold on, I have to ask this d8…


And that would be sheistheweather, who wins a copy of the Dick Tracy Must Die ARC! I’ll post off your CD later today, and look forward to your review!

Thanks to everybody who entered!

And, due to both the number of entries and! a couple of people who said they couldn’t enter because they couldn’t write a review in January – welcome to:

ARC Giveaway Round II! It’s another Advance Review Copy raffle. Entrants agree to post a review sometime in the month of February 2011. Entrants from Round I who didn’t win are automatically entered in Round II unless you want out for some reason, but I note you can write the review whenever and just not post until February, so I’d hope it’s not a problem. Reviews must be publicly posted, but that’s the only requirement.

If you did not enter Round I at all, comment here by the end of Monday, 17 January 2011, to enter Round II! All comments will be screened, as usual. Good luck!

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