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day nine

Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why. I'm interpreting these as specifically images, not descriptions, tho' I'll talk about the images a little.


This Room is my Castle of Quiet

If you don't know about music and why it's the only thing that's helped me keep my shit together, you've come in a bit late to this game. Back up and read some of the earlier posts in this series, or better yet, check out the album. My musical life is all hacked together, largely set aside by others, and almost entirely self-taught - but it's the one I've got, and I've come a really long way in three years. Which brings us to...

Wolfrider Turn

Life still feels very two-steps-forward/one-and-a-half steps back. That's an improvement over two-forward/two-back, or two-forward/three-back, but it's still very, very hard. And Molly is, as always, determined. Even here, when alone.

I wanted to make this image into an icon a few years ago when I made the other Molly icons, but I couldn't make it work as a square, and I wanted all the Molly icons to be square, so I left it out. It would've been highly appropriate many times between then and now. Maybe I should've accepted a rectangular icon. I did, after all, already have some.
One day left.
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