the headline we all need right now

Via The Daily Beast:

Trumpists, Here Are Your Terms of Surrender. Also, Fuck You.

I can hardly even describe how much this is the headline I needed right now.

Quoting Wil Wheaton first, because he's right:

Rick Wilson is not a good person. He helped pave the road that sara palin, trump, josh hawley, ted cruz, and the most odious of right wing lunatics walked down to get into government.

I applaud his come-to-jesus moment so long ago, and I applaud the Lincoln Project for everything it did and will do to excise this cancer from our lives, and holy crap to I love it when he takes the people he indirectly enabled to the woodshed.

And now, some excerpts.

Trumpists, Here Are Your Terms of Surrender. Also, Fuck You.

There’s no repairing the damage he’s done until you confess to the normalization and rationalizations that let him bring us to the edge of a conspiracy-driven insurrection.

by Rick Wilson, Editor-at-Large - Jan. 19, 2021

Donald Trump is a war leader who failed. Before he was the leader of a failed insurrection, he was a man who’d stoked the violent and unstable tendencies of his most fanatic supporters into a hot flame that came dangerously close to incinerating the Republic.

It’s time for Donald Trump and his allies to surrender unconditionally, permanently, and without another goddamn word about a “stolen” election.


This brings me to today’s Republican Party, its alleged leaders, and all of you who are still standing with Trump as the least popular departing president in American history continues fighting his lost war.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve lost. On Nov. 3 and again when your allies assaulted cops, killing one, on Jan. 6. America’s reaction wasn’t “Fuck YEAH, Trump 2020!” It was horror. Think of the furious response as the Doolittle Raid: an unmistakable signal that America is done with your Trumpian shit.

Since you lost, you’ve done your damndest to ensure Donald Trump gains a second term through lies, conspiratorial agitprop, clownish legal chest-beating (with a 1-60 record so far), and an all-out effort to disenfranchise tens of millions of African American voters. Your new Jim Crow movement to tell Black voters they still don’t count is going swimmingly. And by “swimmingly” I mean it’s a fucking disaster. You lost two Senate seats in Georgia. GEORGIA.


There will be no negotiation with the vandals, murderers, Karens and Qarens, Q-hadi wanna-be terrorists, swag-bellied revolutionaries in their too-tight LBVs and helmets, fanatic dead-enders and oddly-clad randos who stormed the Capitol after Trump and his allies poured gasoline and lit the match.

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"the last moral government on Earth"

On "the last moral government on Earth," and /pol/-based fans of Vladimir Putin.

Kevin Collier - @kevincollier - 8:09 AM · Jan 18, 2021
For your reading pleasure, here's the complaint for Riley Williams, the Capitol rioter whose ex called the FBI to say that she had stolen a computer from Pelosi's office and planned to sell it to a Russian who would in turn sell it to the SVR. Man. [link to copy of Williams complaint]


I have a small story here. Not much of one, but a small story.

I spent a lot of time on /pol/ (both 8ch/4chan), lurking, all that, in 2015/2016. I'd long checked in regularly, of course. But more as Putin's asset made his way up the ladder.

There was a _lot_ of Putin fandom on that board. A lot more, even, than for Bashar al-Assad. More, even, than for Augusto Pinochet, who they adored for his mass killings of leftists and liberals.

Holding up Russian government as a bastion of White government, etc. Holding up Putin as the example of the Strong White Leader, all that.

But there was one recurring theme that particularly stuck out to me.

And that was the repeated description of Putin's government as - and I quote - "the last moral government on Earth."

(For both the Strong Man misogyny, the anti-gay stances, the White Man, all that. But specifically, that phrase showed up.)

Nobody pushed back on that. Well, few, and nobody important. It would just go by in the discussion.

I can't think that _didn't_ resonate with our young fascists.

I can't think the FSB/SVR didn't pick up more than one asset, either.

I can only wonder how many.

After the inauguration, of course, they started making plans to assassinate judges ruling against Trump and his Muslim Ban.

(I'm not exactly a huge friend of the cops, but yours truly nonetheless took that shit to the FBI.)

The point is: assets.

And more, I'm sure, than one.

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The Arc of Conflict, Fragment e19,5: February

Overwatch - or what is left of it - is at war with the Gods of Oasis. Russia is in a parallel war with itself, Katya Volskaya's government against the popular uprising led by the Aleksandra Zaryanova, the Goddess of Russia. As winter sets in, Zarya's March to Moscow has slowed to a crawl.

Lena figured something out, and she has to ask for a few things.

Athena understood from the beginning, but she has conditions of her own.

It’s time to have some conversations.

Of Gods and Monsters: The Arc of Conflict
Fragment e19,5: February

solarbird and bzarcher

Of Gods and Monsters: The Arc of Conflict is a continuance of The Arc of Ascension, The Arc of Creation, and In the Beginning, there was an Armourer and a Living Weapon. It will be told in a series of eddas, sagas, interludes, fragments, texts, and cantos, all of which serve their individual purposes. To follow the story as it appears, please subscribe to the series.

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It goes until it's stopped: sabotage in place of policy

I wasn't sure I was going to archive this one, but here it is.

[IMAGE OF TWEETS: Dean Browning (MAGA, Pennsylvania) calls large-scale vaccination sites "concentration camps" with all that implies, quite intentionally.]

So many responses to this. First: the party that put up actual concentration camps is now accusing Biden of setting up "concentration camps" because... vaccination is bad. I guess. But it's worse than that.

The GOP - or at least the majority Trumpist wing - is now going to be about sabotage. Making things as much worse as possible at every turn.

I mean, obstructionism and sabotage have been guiding principles for a while - see Mitch "Grim Reaper" McConnell - but that was more about passive blocking than active destruction.

This is active destruction.

Until and unless they have power again, at which point it's more destruction, just a different kind, with bonus looting.

What's it about, though?

I wrote this up a while ago in another context - I wrote it up for here, actually. But I didn't post it here.

It's about "Our Country or No Country" becoming a core philosophy.

We rule, or we'll make sure there's nothing _to_ rule.

It was in a different context - in the context of people saying, "Christ, okay, fuck off forever then. Secession. Fine. Go."

But the core thought was the same: how do you deal with "we rule, or we destroy everything so there is nothing _to_ rule"?

I archived the original thread - that I didn't post - here, on Dreamwidth:


...but the answer is basically, "it has to cost them, to work this way. It has to cost a _lot_."

It has to cost power, first and foremost. They can't have power. Ever. At any level.

It has to cost money, secondarily. As locked out as possible.

It has to cost careers.

Fundamentally, it simply has to be _made_ to not work. Whatever that takes.

That's what we have for the next decade or so.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that a decent chunk of this is about baby boomer old age. Lots of them always thought the world began with them, and now that they're getting old, the world ends with them too.

Boomers mostly aren't the armed wing (MAGAt Provisional IRA), of course. Mostly - but by no means only - those are young fascists, radicalising each other with misogyny and racism. But they are the political wing (MAGAt Sinn Féin).

They're the voting mass making this possible.

But you can't wait for that. The more they succeed, the more the equation changes. Successful fascists means _more_ fascists, which is why this has to cost them so much at every opportunity.

It has to cost. Dearly. They don't get power, money, or decisions.

They're just _out_.

And they're out _forever_.

No redemption; no return.


Left alone, the Democrats mostly won't make that stick. They'll think of it as counter to democratic principles, because at some level they've never got it, and they literally never will. But they'll bend to pressure, because they mostly do.

Be that pressure. Every. Day.

Or it won't be over in ten years. It won't be over in twenty, either.

It goes until it gets _stopped_.

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jesus fucking christ the mypillow guy

So as anyone watching should be able to tell you, it's still not over. Here's the coup plan being shown to Trump today by the MyPillow CEO.

I know. I know. Those words don't make any sense. But it's real. That's where we are. And we can't dismiss or ignore it.

Demand the Senate return to expel Trump immediately. Your senators, Mitch McConnell. Now.

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Autocracy was always the plan.

Today's twitter writing kept it short and to the point: autocracy was always the plan.

Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1
Keep track: Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, and Michael Flynn all participated in efforts to promote the January 6 "Stop the Steal" event that ultimately devolved into a riotous and deadly melee at the U.S. Capitol. https://abcn.ws/2LTlTCU

Stop neglecting this: the insurrection topped off a YEAR of saying any Biden win would be fraudulent, and MONTHS of lying about the result, about election integrity, and real attempts to overturn it at lower levels.

The insurrection was a culmination, not a solitary event.

The plan, THE ENTIRE TIME, was to overturn any result that didn't result in Trump keeping the presidency.


This wasn't a last-minute improvisation, it wasn't people going ham, it certainly wasn't an accident.

They spent OVER A YEAR pushing the idea that only Trump could legitimately win, and then MONTHS trying to overturn the result.

When that failed, they took the Capitol by force.

Keeping power by whatever means was necessary, up to and including revolt, was ALWAYS. THE. PLAN.

Never forget that.

The #impeachment is not about "a riot."

It's about a year-and-months-long attempt to end small-d democratic elections.

And it should be treated as such. @SenatorCantwell @PattyMurray @RepDelBene @SpeakerPelosi

That it failed does not mean it didn't happen. That it failed doesn't mean it didn't matter.

Remember how Trump kept posting Trump 2024/2028/2032/2036/off into the distance memes? How he'd "joke" about four more years, "and after that, we'll negotiate?"

_That mattered._

Do not forgive.

And do not forget.

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The route to conviction in the Senate

Another twitter original, as one does, in response to the usual suspects saying the usual sorts of things. We actually do have a path here and I think McConnell is signalling it pretty clearly. Here's the whys and hows.

Second Impeachment is official. Second Trial - well, Moscow Mitch is not going to let that happen while he's leader. But it still will, and that's his plan.

Walk with me, I'll explain.


A lot of people seem to think there's no chance of conviction, but there's a real route to get there.

Step one, obviously, is getting it out of the house. That's sorted.


Mitch not bringing back the Senate now is actually step two. He won't let this happen while he's majority leader, which is good, because right now, Democrats only have 48 (or 49 if you count Romney) for the ban.

But on the 22nd or so, it's a Democratic majority leader in charge.


And there will be a trial, and this time, there will be evidence presented. It won't change votes, but doesn't need to. It'll make the public case for the ban.

What matters is that a lot of other Republicans - like Ted Cruz - want to be president in 2024.


And a lot of donors - a _lot_ of donors - do _not_ want Trump to run again.

There's your motive. This motive is critical.


Now. At that point, you need 2/3rds to convict, and you've got VP Harris as backup if there's a tie.

Cruz et al will rail against conviction at every moment...

...all while doing everything he can behind the scenes to convince other Republican senators to vote for it.


We only need a third of the caucus, remember that.

For those who vote to convict, the line will be, "I felt I had to send a message about Trump's irresponsible tone and divisive rhetoric. Besides, he was already out - I'd've voted against, if it would've actually removed him."


And then the same people who crossed over to convict will vote _against_ the ban on his holding office again.

It'll pass no worse than 51-49, with Romney crossing over again - or 51-50, if he doesn't.

They're only needed _once_, not twice.


_This_ lets them say, "I voted against the ban, _obviously_. The Republican Party should be able to nominate anyone Republicans want - including Trump! But the Democrats rigged in a partisan conviction in a partisan abuse of power, and that's why we need to take back the Senate."

[eta: And then they'd continue, "So please donate to my re-election campaign." Wasn't room for that in the tweet.]


So they can mostly vote _for_ Trump in the first round (with some defectors), vote for Trump in a block on the ban, blame the Democrats, and _still_ be rid of Donald J. Trump - at least, as a candidate.

For good.


They'd be stupid _not_ to do this. That doesn't mean they won't be stupid, because they are absolutely dumber than a sack of hammers.

But politically, it's the best thing they can do, _for themselves_.

And they understand politics.

And that's the route to conviction.


Doesn't mean we'll get it.

Just that there's a route.

We have a shot.

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Remember when Vice President Dick Cheney shot a guy in the face?

Also from Twitter, of course.

Can't believe I didn't think of this a couple of days ago.

Remember when Vice President Dick Cheney shot a guy in the face?

And they made the guy apologise?

For having been shot by VP Dick Cheney?

In the face?


They tried to cover it up, but, well, Vice President Dick Cheney had shot someone in the _face_, so that's kind of


to keep too far under wraps.

I didn't think of this when that over-30 Twitter hashtag was trending. I wish I had, because that would've been good.


That was the same administration when you had a Republican publication publish an editorial calling for George W. Bush to bring "his" army back from Iraq, overthrow Congress, and install his own, more compliant Congress in its place.


Back then, they got condemned for that.

But the whole Cheney thing, goddamn.

That "I could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue" and that whole "let's storm Congress and overturn the election" business came from somewhere.

It just wasn't as far along then.

At least, not in public.


And more importantly, not yet culturally. Fundamentalist culture had mostly taken over, but not completely. Dubya was a torturer and a war criminal, but still culturally attached to rotating into _and out of_ the presidency.

Still too much old New England Republican in him.


Mind you, some of us pointed out that his "Decider" philosophy of governance was literally the same as the theoretical Nazi approach. (Leader/"Decider," occasional referenda to make sure the Decider didn't stray from the Racial/Popular Will as the only check, all that.)


And they were already talking about how they made their own realities now, and how we were always going to be behind because we would attempt to deal with facts and disprove the lies, by which time they would've already gone on to a new "reality" of their own making.


Sound familiar?


Dick "If the President does it, that makes it legal" Cheney and George W. "Yeah, I tortured him" Bush.

The VP who literally shot someone in the face and got an apology from the guy he shot for having been shot. The POTUS who created a torture state.

How we got here, kids.

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The GOP continue to demand surrender in the name of "unity"

This makes it starkly clear that @GOP calls for “unity” are just @GOP calls for submission.

Kyle Griffin - @kylegriffin1
The full exchange, via CSPAN:

Jim Jordan calls for unifying the nation, so House Rules chairman Jim McGovern pushes Jordan to accept that Joe Biden won the election "fair and square." Jordan refuses. McGovern condemns Jordan's double standard.

"Unity" is just "surrender." Give us everything we demand.

Or we'll do it again. And we'll keep doing it until you give up.

The only possible reaction that _isn't_ surrender is punishment. Impeachment, removal, bans. #ExpelThemAll - followed by investigations and prosecutions.

It's not a fucking "double standard," it's not "hypocrisy," it's strategy and intent.

And it needs to be treated that way, at every turn, without compromise.


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